John Mawhinney

Hi, my name is John Mawhinney, and jewelry is my passion.
I was in heating and air conditioning practically my whole life. Jewelry was a hobby, and something to relax with. After some injuries and the loss of my wife, my sister, my mother, and a wonderful boss and friend within a couple of years I had to say good-by to my life long career. Finances gave me the chance to raise some fun kids and embrace a lifelong dream of being a full-time jeweler/glass artist/artist. Whatever that means. 
Now, I can enjoy jewelry whenever time permits. I was lucky that I could attend a few years of jewelry school not only in Illinois (Elgin Community College) but also at various locations across the country taught by well known artists such as (Patty Walton, James Smircich and Doug Remschneider,) to name a few. I’ve also enjoyed many years of video teachings Michael Boyd, Lewis Wilson and Alan Revere. Recently, I have been inspired and motivated on a daily basis, by a very influential young artist out of New York, MeShe Designs. *I recommend you check her out!I know that you and your loved ones will enjoy my art for generations to come!

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